Pionex Australia Review

Pionex Australia Review in 2024

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast in Australia, you have various platforms for trading digital assets.

Pionex stands out in this crowded market by offering integrated tools designed for automated trading.

The platform provides access to a suite of trading bots that can trade on your behalf 24/7, allowing you to potentially take advantage of market movements even when you’re not actively monitoring the charts.

Trading with Pionex may be particularly appealing if you’re interested in automating your crypto trading strategies.

The exchange provides up to 16 different trading bots for free, which can be a cost-effective way to diversify your trading approach.

As a user of Pionex, you can automate your trades without having to manage the bots’ operational intricacies since they run directly on Pionex’s cloud.

While Pionex has a global presence, it’s important to note specific local considerations.

In Australia, you can legally register and trade on Pionex, but the platform doesn’t allow direct Australian Dollar (AUD) deposits or withdrawals.

However, you can still participate in trading by using cryptocurrencies you already own or purchasing crypto through third-party services with a credit or debit card and then transferring them to your Pionex account.

Pionex Product Offerings [Futures, Spot, Options, Staking, NFTs, etc.]

  • Futures, Spot, and Options Trading: As an investor, you can access various trading markets on Pionex. The platform supports trading in both the spot and futures markets. This allows you to capitalize on immediate price movements or speculate on future prices of cryptocurrencies.
  • Staking: Pionex provides you with staking options for various cryptocurrencies. By staking your assets, you may earn rewards while contributing to the network’s stability and security. This feature is ideal if you want potential passive income from your investment.
  • NFTs: Your investment opportunities are broadened by including NFT trading on Pionex. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent ownership of unique digital items and are a new avenue for diversifying your portfolio.
  • Automated Trading Bots: Pionex offers several automated trading bots to enhance your trading efficiency. These bots execute trades on your behalf, using strategies like grid trading to capitalize on regular price fluctuations and DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) bots that purchase cryptocurrency at predetermined intervals to reduce the impact of volatility.
  • Grid Trading Bots
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging Bots

Utilizing these offerings can help manage your trades and potentially increase your chances of earning profits in the volatile crypto market.

Pionex Supported Coin List

pionex supported coins

Pionex presents an extensive list of cryptocurrencies, ensuring you have access to a diverse selection for trading. Below is a non-exhaustive list highlighting some of the leading coins and tokens you can trade on the platform:

Name Ticker Launch Year
Bitcoin BTC 2009
Cosmos ATOM 2019
Bitcoin SV BSV 2018
Polkadot DOT 2020

These coins represent just a fraction of the more than 120 coins available on Pionex. Bitcoin (BTC), as the pioneer cryptocurrency, anchors the list, providing reliable trading opportunities known to most investors.

For those interested in newer blockchain ecosystems, Polkadot (DOT) offers a multi-chain platform supporting cross-chain transfers.

If your focus lies in decentralized finance (DeFi) or autonomous organizations, Cosmos (ATOM) could align with your trading strategies.

Additionally, while Bitcoin SV (BSV) shares its roots with Bitcoin, it aims to fulfill the original vision of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. On the other hand, EOS targets the dApp sector, challenging the smart contract dominance of platforms like Ethereum.

This list is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure you’re trading on a platform that stays current with the dynamic crypto market.

With over 350 trading pairs available, you can explore various cryptocurrency investments to suit your portfolio’s needs. Always check the latest offerings directly through Pionex to confirm the current availability and any new additions to the coin list.

Pionex Order Types

Navigating the Pionex platform, you’ll encounter various order types catering to different trading strategies. Understanding these will empower you to optimize your trades.

  • Market Orders: You execute a market order to buy or sell immediately at the current market price. This order ensures swift execution, but the price may vary slightly due to market volatility.

  • Limit Orders: With a limit order, you can set the maximum price you’re willing to pay when buying or the minimum price you’re eager to sell. It will only be executed when the market price meets your specified limit.

Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Order Type Action Price Control Execution
Market Buy/Sell No Immediate
Limit Buy/Sell Yes Conditional

These core order types are just the beginning:

  • Stop-Limit Orders: This combines a stop order and a limit order. Once a specific stop price is reached, a limit order is placed automatically, allowing more precise control over order execution.

  • Trailing Stop Orders: Your order adjusts in response to market movements. For a sell order, the trigger price moves up with the market but not down, locking in profits and limiting losses.

To manage orders effectively, explore Pionex’s bot features that automate orders based on your tailored strategies.

Remember that while automation tools can offer convenience and strategy implementation, continuous monitoring is essential in the ever-changing crypto market.

Pionex’s Liquidation Mechanism

When you engage in futures trading on Pionex, it’s essential to understand the platform’s liquidation mechanism, which functions to manage risks effectively. Liquidation occurs when your position cannot be sustained due to insufficient funds to cover potential losses.

Critical Aspects of Pionex Liquidation:

  • Liquidation Fee: In the event of insufficient funds to maintain a position, Pionex charges a liquidation fee. For example, if your position is worth 20,000 USDT and gets liquidated, your fee would be 20,000 * 1.75% = 350 USDT.
  • Automated Liquidation Process: Pionex uses a computerized system that liquidates positions at risk to prevent excessive losses.

What Triggers Liquidation?

Market volatility may lead your trades to a point where the capital in your margin account falls below the maintenance margin. This is when Pionex’s automated system intervenes to close the position.

How to Avoid Liquidation?

To avoid liquidation, maintain a robust margin by adding funds or reducing your position size before it reaches the liquidation point. Monitoring your positions actively ensures they are above the maintenance margin requirements.

Risk Management:

  • Assessing your investment and potential risks before entering trades
  • Keeping an eye on the market trends and adjusting your strategy accordingly

Remember, liquidation is ideally your last line of defense against incurring significant trading losses. It helps protect both you and the platform from the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency markets.

Pionex Trading Fees

pionex trading fees

When trading on Pionex, you’ll find a competitive fee structure designed to be straightforward and economical. For spot market transactions, makers and takers are subject to a minimal fee of 0.05%. This fixed rate applies regardless of the volume of your trade.

Spot Market Fees:

  • Maker fee: 0.05%
  • Taker fee: 0.05%

Trading fees in the futures market are tailored to your activity—whether you add liquidity to the market (maker) or take liquidity away (taker). Fees for futures trading diverge from spot market fees to accommodate the nuances of these types of transactions.

Futures Trading Fees:

  • Maker fee: 0.02%
  • Taker fee: 0.05%

For those engaging in leveraged trading, Pionex imposes fees that align with the added risks and opportunities of leveraging.

Here, both makers and takers are charged at a rate of 0.1%. By maintaining consistent and low fees across various trading activities, Pionex provides a cost-effective platform for your cryptocurrency trading needs in Australia.

Pionex Funding Rates/Fees

When you trade on Pionex, you’ll encounter various funding rates and fees that depend on the market and the type of trade.

Spot Market Fees
For spot market transactions, both the maker and taker fees are competitive:

  • Maker fee: 0.05%
  • Taker fee: 0.05%

These rates are among the lowest in the industry, ensuring you can trade efficiently without significant costs.

Futures Trading
In future trading, the platform employs a standard funding rate system designed to ensure fairness between long and short positions. This reflects Pionex’s alignment with standard industry practices:

  • Maker fee: 0.02%
  • Taker fee: 0.05%

Remember that these fees can vary based on market conditions and are periodically adjusted to maintain market equilibrium.

Leveraged Trading Fees
For those using leverage, the fees increase slightly to accommodate the higher risk:

  • Maker fee: 0.1%
  • Taker fee: 0.1%

By staying transparent with their fee structure, Pionex allows you to trade confidently, with a clear understanding of the costs involved.

Always review the latest fee schedule directly on the Pionex website or trading platform interface to ensure you have the most current information before executing any trades.

Pionex Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

pionex withdrawal fees

When you use Pionex in Australia, you’ll find that depositing funds is typically free. However, you should be aware that network fees do apply. These fees are not set by Pionex but are dictated by the respective blockchain used to process your transaction.

On the other hand, withdrawal fees do apply, but they are not uniform. They can vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency you are withdrawing and the blockchain network you choose for the transaction. This fee is fixed by Pionex and is deducted from your transaction amount.

To give you a clearer idea, below is a simplified breakdown of the Pionex withdrawal fees structured for convenient reference:

Cryptocurrency Network Withdrawal Fee (Approx.)
BTC (Bitcoin) BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) Determined by Pionex
(Other currencies) (Respective Blockchain) Determined by Pionex

As these fees could be updated, you need to check the latest withdrawal fee directly on the withdrawal page within the Pionex platform before confirming your transaction.

This step ensures no surprises, and you remain informed of the costs of moving your funds.

Remember, always ensure that the information, like your name, during the withdrawal process matches the credentials you have provided for your Pionex Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Discrepancies could result in a failed transaction.

Pionex Account Types & Pionex KYC Tiers & Limits

Pionex offers distinct account types tailored to meet your trading needs.

To maximize the benefits and features of your Pionex account, you must undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

This verification necessity is part of Pionex’s commitment to adhere to regulatory standards, enhance account security, and combat fraudulent activities.

KYC Tiers:

  • Level 1 Verification: This introductory level requires your full legal name and location by country. Your trading capabilities are limited at this stage.

  • Level 2 Verification: This advanced level demands additional documentation, expanding your trading and withdrawal capacities.

Account Limits:

Performances and limits vary based on which KYC tier you complete:

KYC Level Trading Limit Withdrawal Limit Other Features
Level 1 Standard Limited Basic Access
Level 2 Enhanced Elevated Full Access
  • Level 1 Accounts: Suitable for beginners or those testing the platform. These accounts come with standard trading limits and a restricted withdrawal capability.

  • Level 2 Accounts: Aimed at more experienced users requiring higher trading volumes and withdrawal limits. Beyond increased limits, Level 2 unlocks additional platform functionalities to enhance your trading experience.

For precise instructions on completing each KYC level, visit the Pionex website or use their mobile application.

Be prepared to provide the required personal details and documentation to progress smoothly through the verification tiers. Your cooperation with these protocols helps maintain the integrity and security of the trading environment.

Pionex Trading Platform & Tools

pionex trading

Pionex provides tools designed to enhance your trading experience in the digital currency market. Combining a user-friendly interface with powerful analytical capabilities, the platform can cater to novice and experienced traders.

Key Features:

  • Automated Trading Bots: You have access to several automated trading bots, which allow you to execute trades around the clock without manual intervention.
  • TradingView Integration: Pionex has integrated TradingView for in-depth chart analysis, giving you advanced charting capabilities to analyze trends and patterns.

Trading on the Go:

With the Pionex mobile application, you can manage your trading activities seamlessly from your smartphone. This ensures that you stay connected to the markets and can respond promptly to market movements, regardless of where you are.

  • iOS and Android support: The app is available for download on major mobile platforms, providing the tools and features as the desktop version.

Trading Pairs and Liquidity:

  • Pionex supports numerous cryptocurrencies, providing a variety of trading pairs that cater to diverse trading strategies.
  • The platform’s liquidity is strengthened by aggregating liquidity from multiple exchanges, which enhances your trading experience by offering better price matching and faster order execution.

Pionex Insurance Fund

Pionex, as part of its commitment to user security, has provisions for an insurance fund known as the arbitrage SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) program.

This initiative is designed to offer compensation for unforeseen incidents, oftencalleds “Black Swan” events, which could affect your investments when using the Pionex spot-futures arbitrage bot.

Key Highlights:

  • Purpose: To provide compensation for unforeseen losses.
  • Scope: Applicable to all coins except BTC and ETH, which have a separate fund.
  • Visibility: Pionex promises transparency by planning a landing page for users to check each fund’s balance.

How It Works:

  1. Contribution: The fund is likely financed by a portion of trading fees or specific allocations by Pionex.
  2. Claim Process: Details on claiming compensation would typically require you to follow a set of procedures outlined by the platform.

Security Measures:

  • Regular updates to the fund’s balance for user verification.
  • Clearly defined terms of coverage to understand the extent of the fund’s protection.

As a user, you must review the terms and conditions related to the insurance fund, understand how it functions, and what incidents qualify for coverage.

Regularly checking the website for updates and new developments regarding the insurance fund is also advised to stay informed.

Pionex Deposit Methods

Pionex supports several deposit methods to facilitate your entry into cryptocurrency trading. You can use traditional fiat currencies or opt for a range of cryptocurrencies.

Fiat Currency Deposits

For fiat currency deposits, consider the following options:

  • Credit Cards: Allows for quick and easy deposits.
  • SEPA Transfers are available for Euro transactions and offer another straightforward fiat deposit method.

Cryptocurrency Deposits

If you prefer using cryptocurrencies, Pionex accepts deposits in various digital assets:

  1. USDT (Tether): A stablecoin tied to the value of the US dollar, offering minimal volatility.
  2. Other Cryptocurrencies: A broad selection of popular cryptocurrencies.

To deposit:

  1. Access your account on the Pionex platform.
  2. Select the ‘Deposit’ option.
  3. Choose the currency and network you wish to use.
  4. Copy the provided deposit address or scan the QR code.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure you select the correct network to avoid deposit issues.
  • Deposits are secured with email confirmation for added security.
  • There might be network fees associated with your deposit, depending on the chosen cryptocurrency.

Verification and Processing: Upon executing a deposit, verify the transaction in the ‘Deposit status’ section. Processing times vary based on the method chosen, with cryptocurrency transactions typically completing faster than fiat transfers.

Pionex Security Features

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Your account security is a top priority on Pionex. For enhanced protection, you are prompted to enable two-factor authentication. This feature adds a layer of defense, ensuring that only you can access your account, even if someone else discovers your password.
  • Cold Storage of Assets: A significant portion of your digital assets on Pionex is held in cold storage. This means your assets are stored offline, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access via hacking or other cyber threats.
  • Security License and Protocols: Pionex is committed to safeguarding your account through basic measures and possesses a comprehensive security license. This attests to the exchange’s adherence to rigorous standards and operational practices that prioritize the security of your funds.
Security Feature Description
Two-Factor Authentication Adds step to verify user identity
Cold Storage Stores the majority of assets offline for security
Security License Upholds stringent security standards and practices

Remember to regularly review your security settings and keep your authentication details confidential to maintain the integrity of your account.

Pionex Proof Of Reserves

When engaging with cryptocurrency exchanges like Pionex, you may want to understand their financial health and credibility, specifically regarding their proof of reserves (PoR).

PoR is a transparency mechanism that allows you to verify that the exchange has the assets it claims to hold on behalf of its users.

Recent Developments:

  • Pionex has reportedly completed a 100% Proof of Reserves audit.
  • Two independent third-party auditing firms, Elite Partners and Moore, carried out the audit process.
  • These efforts took place over two months, with the audit reports signed on January 19th, 2023.


  • The audit included the generation of a Merkle Tree, a cryptographic tool used to summarize and verify the content of large data sets succinctly.
  • To maintain privacy, Pionex assures users that each account is represented by a unique User ID in the Merkle Tree.

How This Affects You:

  • As a user, these measures are in place to give you confidence in the availability of your assets on the platform.
  • The existence of a PoR indicates that Pionex prioritizes transparency.

Remember, protecting your Nonce (a random string of bytes) is critical, as it is associated with your unique User ID in the Merkle Tree and ensures the confidentiality of your snapshot within the PoR.

Stay informed about such protocols, as they provide an additional layer of security and insight into the platform’s operational integrity.

Pionex Customer Support

For assistance with Pionex products or services, you can access a range of support options tailored to your needs. On the Pionex Help Center website, you can find an extensive FAQ section that might have answers to many of your questions.

If the FAQs do not resolve your issue, you can use the live chat feature available on the Pionex.US website:

  1. Navigate to the Pionex.US homepage.
  2. Click the [Support] button at the bottom right.

For queries that require a more detailed discussion or specific inquiries related to your account, you can also email customer service. To contact Pionex via email, use the provided customer support email:

A support staff member is committed to responding as speedily as possible. When sending an email, include all relevant details to help the support team address your issue effectively.

If you have business-related questions, another designated email address is available:

You’ll be referred to the appropriate person for handling your business needs here.

For immediate concerns, the Telegram group is another resource that is available to you. Join the group to connect with the customer support team and other users:

Remember to keep your personal information secure when seeking support online or through direct messages.

Is Pionex Safe & Available in Australia?

When considering Pionex for your cryptocurrency trading in Australia, it’s essential to address the legality and safety of the platform.

Pionex is indeed legal to use for Australians and facilitates crypto trading within the boundaries of international financial regulations.

Although not fully regulated in Australia, it legally operates, allowing you to trade various cryptocurrencies.

Legal Status:

  • Legality: It is 100% legal for Australians to trade on Pionex.
  • Regulations Compliance: Adheres to international financial regulations.

Safety Features:

  • Reputation: Since its inception in 2019, it has built a stable reputation.
  • Platform Security:
    • Financial certifications and guarantees.
    • Advanced security measures to protect your assets and data.

Regarding your financial safety, Pionex has implemented substantial safety measures. These include financial backing and various certifications to secure your transactions and safeguard the platform’s operations.

Please Note:

  • Pionex does not accept direct AUD deposits or withdrawals.
  • However, you can purchase cryptocurrencies via third-party services using credit or debit cards.

In conclusion, while Pionex’s operations are legal and the platform maintains high safety standards, you should always practice due diligence and understand the specific terms and features offered, especially regarding deposits and currency conversions that may affect your trading experience in Australia.


Pionex, with its comprehensive suite of trading tools, caters well to your needs as a trader. The platform’s unique selling point is its automated trading bots.

These bots are designed to operate around the clock, optimizing your trading strategy in response to market volatility. What’s more, you can access 16 free bots, making the platform accessible even to beginners in the crypto trading space.

Among the key benefits is Pionex’s fee structure. Trading fees are competitively set at 0.05%, which ranks favorably compared to other exchanges.

This low-cost model could be particularly advantageous if you’re engaging in frequent transactions.

When you choose to trade with Pionex in Australia, you also leverage the platform’s depth of trading options and liquidity. Their strong market presence suggests reliability and offers you a robust trading experience.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface, complemented by helpful tutorials for each bot, ensuring you can navigate and utilize the platform’s features effectively, regardless of your previous trading expertise.

With these resources, you’re well-positioned to explore various trading strategies in a secure environment.

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